Once Upon A Time In Birmingham

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Who was the world s first female programmer? Who made history as the first British woman to sail solo around the world non-stop? Who is Birmingham's first female Muslim MP? Meet Mary Lee Berners-Lee, Lisa Clayton, Shabana Mahmood and many more in Once Upon a Time in Birmingham, a lively introduction to thirty of Birmingham s most awe-inspiring women, past and present.

From pioneers in their field to everyday heroines, these are women who refused to be silenced, who fought for what they believed in, who proved they were just as good as men... if not better!

Compete in two days of challenging heptathlon events with Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis. March the picket lines with staunch activist and seeker of justice Jessie Eden. Raise your voice and speak up for girls around the world with courageous campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

Accessible, educational and inspirational, this empowering collection of creators and innovators, activists and changemakers, is a must-read for all ages. Complete with vibrant illustrations from a host of up-and-coming female illustrators, learn about the women who made, and are making, Birmingham the great city it is today.