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A guide to some of the Pre-Raphaelites paintings and drawings cared for by Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, including paintings by Millais, Holman Hunt, Rossetti, Ford Maddox Brown, Burne-Jones, Sandys and Kate Bunce.

The Holy Grail tapestries series illustrates the story of the search for the Holy Grail by the Knights of the Round Table. It was conceived by William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones in 1890, and is widely regarded as one of the outstanding achievements of the British Arts and Crafts Movement.
This guide contains 62 pages and measures 210x150x5 mm

This guide begins with the original Holy Grail Tapestries series, which was part of the interior decoration of Stanmore Hall in Middlesex, produced between 1890-1895. It goes on to consider each of the tapestries in Birmingham's collection, which were later versions. It concludes with a look at the complex, collaborative process involved in their creation.
This guide contains 36 pages and measures 210x150x2 mm