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Cold War Steve

Cold War Steve, also known as Christopher Spencer, is an artist from Birmingham, England, and you won’t find another style quite like his. He specialises in surreal, satirical, and hilarious collages, filled with the pride of Birmingham's landmarks and personalities. With so much passion and creativity packed into each print, you'll be finding new details to love for years to come.

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Meet our local makers

Katie Robbins

Katie Robbins’ future was spun the minute she shaped clay in an art class at school. Years later, she would remember her passion and master her craft, specialising in high-quality, hand-thrown ceramics. You’ll love her pieces if you’re drawn to simple shapes, soft curves, and the calming colours of the natural world.Katie works with the idea that her lovingly-crafted pieces are an everyday luxury and may one day become future heirlooms, passed down for generations.

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Meet our local makers

Punks & Chancers

When you choose a Punks & Chancers’ design, you’re guaranteed fun and sustainability. Fuelled by a love of colour and creation, every item has a lust for life sewn into its very seams.

Punks & Chancers’ motto is “if it’s not fun, don’t do it,” and if that’s your vibe, you’ve found your local maker. Each unique design is organic, ethical, and straight out of Brum, perfect for lovers of this glorious city.

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Meet our local makers

Helen Walsh

Helen Walsh knew from a young age that her career lay in creativity, but it wasn’t until she discovered jewellery that something clicked. From starting her own business to her first sale at Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, Helen believes that being creative is an innate burning desire that needs to be constantly fed. Every stunning piece is hand-finished and assembled, drawing influence from world travel, mythology, antiques, spiritualism, and so much more. Helen’s driving force is to “Be proud of every piece I make,” and you’ll be able to feel this in every piece you treat yourself to.

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Meet our local makers

Liz Warriner

From an evening class where she discovered a passion for creating her own jewellery to the expertise of gemstone buyer and sorter in Birmingham’s renowned Jewellery Quarter, Liz Warriner’s journey to becoming one of our trusted local makers was as clear as the most exquisite diamond. Using largely local precious metals and stones, Liz crafts simple and elegant pieces that add the finishing touch to any outfit. “Easy, wearable style.”

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Meet our local makers

Ginny Puzey

Ginny Puzey is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s “colour is a power which directly influences the soul”. What began as a childhood hobby led Ginny to a diploma at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery before creating her own business as a jewellery designer-maker. Explore pieces crafted with silver, accentuating clean, crisp lines with a pop of colour, inspired by origami and geometric shapes for a classic, timeless style. With materials and expertise from the Jewellery Quarter, quality is guaranteed.

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Meet our local makers

Sulamith Kilian

Sulamith Kilian’s love for crafting was passed through the generations, surrounded by fabrics, button boxes, and beads from childhood. Pair this with an unshakeable wanderlust, exploring the creativity of the Americas, Africa, and Asia, and it’s no surprise that Sulamith’s jewellery has an eclectic style from a variety of cultures.Each piece is handcrafted and the ever-changing beads and colours chosen give each item its own unique look and finish. Sulamith’s motto is to “live a life of wonder,” and with these pieces, you’ll look your best no matter where you find wonder next.

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Meet our local makers

Louise Mary

Louise Mary believes in the importance of hand-crafted jewellery and this passion shines through in every piece she creates. Many of Louise’s elegant designs combine the beauty of silver and gold with the textures and forms of nature, creating something clean, simple, and eye-catching in the process.With most materials sourced in the Jewellery Quarter, and even hallmarked at the renowned Birmingham Assay Office, you’re guaranteed style and quality with every stunning piece.

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Meet our local makers

Harvest Skincare

Harvest began because they believed there was a need for skincare and home products containing only organic and natural ingredients. By harnessing the benefits of nature without harming it, they've created a range of products which can soothe and repair the skin, body, and mind.Plus, to protect nature further, they also use soy wax and eco-friendly cotton wicks in their candles, wrapping everything in biodegradable packaging. Integrity and simplicity… What more could you want?

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Meet our local makers

Claire Troughton

With an eye for detail and a passion for learning, Claire Troughton was born to design and create jewellery. With over 20 years of expertise behind her, her pieces combine silver and gold to give each unique necklace, ring, or pair of earrings an elegant warmth and style only she can create.In Claire’s craft, every day is a chance to learn something new, and today might just be the day you learn how special a new piece of exquisite jewellery makes you feel.

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Meet our local makers

Vanessa Miller

Vanessa Miller’s entrance in the world of jewellery craftsmanship was a happy accident, beginning with an unexpected discovery at Midlands Art Centre, but Birmingham’s jewellery scene wouldn’t be the same without her. Each piece is “designed with a smile in mind,” inspired by nature, holidays, and happy childhood memories, and wearing one of Vanessa’s designs brings enjoyment, whether you’re delighted by the high quality of locally-sourced materials or the story behind each creation. Give yourself a new reason to smile today.

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Meet our local makers

Fiona Harris

Fiona Harris is a great believer that “jewellery shouldn't be saved for a special occasion, but loved, cherished and worn every day." When you wear her pieces, it’s easy to see why. These “everyday little luxuries” combine nature and organic forms with simple, elegant structures to create jewellery that’s far too precious to be hidden away.Crafted with materials mostly sourced from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, using eco-friendly and recycled silver where possible, Fiona’s pieces are as good for the world as they are for your wardrobe.

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Meet our local makers

Rita Patel

Rita Patel designs and creates contemporary jewellery inspired by her cultural experiences, resulting in sculptural, tactile jewellery that makes an impression. Her collections include ‘Thread’ rings with symbolic red thread wrapped around them, and jewellery encapsulating single-silk threads in resin, portraying Rita's attention to detail in creating timeless, elegant pieces.Rita now combines jewellery design and craftmanship with teaching at MAC Arts in Birmingham and undertaking projects and workshops with Birmingham Museums and Craftspace Touring, so she's truly woven into the creative story of the city.

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Meet our local makers

Test Maker

Meet our local makers

Stacey Barnfield

Stacey Barnfield is an experienced designer, journalist and former newspaper editor. He is the founder of Draw My City - an online art gallery set-up to support local charities through donations from print sales - and co-director of Edwin Ellis PR and Design Agency, which helps businesses raise their profile through creative content and contemporary design.

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Meet our local makers

Tom Woolley

Tom Woolley is a freelance illustrator who lives in Birmingham and specialises in bold and graphic illustrated maps. Tom's maps capture iconic architecture alongside popular food and cultural hotspots. HIs combination of vivid colours and stylised illustration create unique and distinctive artwork that has been published worldwide.

Tom has created maps of many Cities around the world and is currently working on his Birmingham collection.

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Meet our local makers

Quarter Horse Coffee

Quarter Horse Coffee was founded in 2012 by Ameeta and Nathan Retzer. Nathan is originally from Chicago and has over 12 years of experience in coffee. Together they moved to Ameeta's hometown of Birmingham in 2015 to open the first independent cafe-roastery in Birmingham!

Roasting their own beans is an exciting venture that allows them to source high quality green beans from around the world, and freshly roast them for their customers. They proudly offer a large range of single origin coffees and blends, carefully selected by Nathan, an accredited Q-Grader.

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Meet our local makers

A is for Alice

Ruth founded A is for Alice in 2014, after numerous requests from her toddler to create a dressing up box! With many years experience as a theatrical costume designer, maker and tutor, she takes delight in being able to create magic for kids across the country, creating heirloom quality costumes and accessories to delight for generations to come!

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Meet our local makers

Sparrow & Wolf

Birmingham based Sparrow & Wolf founder Cherie combines great design, quality products & fun illustrations to make drool worthy notebooks, enamel pins, cards and pom pom cushions. 
Obsessions with bright colours, origami & doodles culminated in the first collection of pom pom cushions and notebooks being created in 2014 and she hasn’t looked back since. 

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Meet our local makers


Louise is born and bred in Birmingham. She creates hand embroidered illustrations under the moniker sparklymouse - working with an ambition to make life a bit more colourful in a world full of doom and gloom.

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Meet our local makers

CraftyBun Studio

Holly O'Meara is the artist behind CraftyBun Studio. Holly found a love for printmaking at university and 10 years later it's still going strong. She enjoys translating her photography and love for nature into prints and has always been greatly inspired by the amazing architecture we have all over the city of Birmingham.

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Meet our local makers


Provide designs clothing and lifestyle products inspired by Birmingham, to celebrate the city and the people who make it. Since starting life in 2012, they have maintained a focus on good design and quality manufacturing, working with a number of local producers to create their exclusive range.

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Meet our local makers

Sam Brown Design

Sam is a born and bred Brummie
shining a light on the 'ugly' buildings of the world. Combining graphic forms, bright colours and lots of brutalist beauties, she creates bold and impactful pieces.   

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Meet our local makers

Made On The Canal

Thomas Parry, a.k.a Made On The Canal, is an architectural illustrator living and working on his narrowboat in the heart of the Birmingham canals. With a love for architecture, nature and heritage, Thomas aims to document the ever-changing skyline of Birmingham, from past to present, with his prints, 3D illustrations, and private commissions.

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Meet our local makers

The Crafty Brum

Kate Jones is the artist behind The Crafty Brum and Birmingham is the source of inspiration for her artwork. Kate’s pieces elaborate local architecture and she brings these landmarks to life with her distinctive plant illustrations.

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Meet our local makers

Working Clasp

Working Clasp is a handcrafted jewellery label by Birmingham designer Rebecca Cowley. Inspired by her travels, Birmingham heritage and art and design background, Rebecca makes distinct wearable jewellery for people seeking something different from their jewellery. Inspired by the Art Deco period, floral and organic shapes, and Birmingham centric phrases, the jewellery is lovingly handmade by Rebecca in her Birmingham Studio.

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Meet our local makers

Blooming Heck

Emma Stokes is the founder of Blooming Heck - a zero-waste card business born right here in Birmingham. Having worked in the digital marketing industry since leaving university in 2013, Emma wanted to create a new business dedicated to eco-friendly, sustainable and greener living. Out of the pandemic this business was born... 

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Meet our local makers

Studio Bearon

Aaron is the designer behind Studio Bearon, and is passionate about design with his products often featuring fun geometric patterns, inspired by brutalist architecture, urban landscapes and past works from some of Aaron's favourite art and design movements, Bauhaus, De Stijl and Cubism.

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Meet our local makers


Inspired by origami, Pigeon, is a beautifully crafted combination of letter and envelope. A more satisfying alternative to the always-on, instant-gratification tools we all use to communicate with each other every day. Because even with all our hi-tech wizardry, nobody has managed to recreate the magic and joy of the hand-written letter. So we redesigned it for the 21st century. Welcome
to Pigeon.

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Meet our local makers

Ruth Salton

Ruth Salton has been drawing and designing since childhood. Since leaving art college Ruth has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in a wide range of styles.
Ruth’s Birmingham project is something she had wanted to do for a long time. Over the past 20 years the City has gone through an amazing transformation and Ruth wanted the colour and vibrancy of her illustrations to reflect this. Her illustrations are a combination of reality and imagination resulting in stylised images influenced by a mix of her love of architecture and Deco art with a contemporary twist

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Meet our local makers

Small Kindness UK

Small Kindness is based in Birmingham and they make luxury handcrafted natural soaps in small batches using the traditional cold process method. All soaps are palm oilfree, vegan and plastic free.

They believe that small changes can make a big difference and put kindness at the core of
everything we do. That’s why their handmade soap bars are made with fairly traded and organic butters and oils. This plant-based blend produces a luxurious but gentle lather that is kind to your skin, kind to people and kind to the planet.

To make their soaps just that little bit more special they come wrapped in plantable labels that
grow UK wildflowers to help sustain and protect our bees.

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Meet our local makers

Pip's Hot Sauce

Legends of the Birmingham Independent scene, Pip's Hot Sauce is forged in the fires of Birmingham. The sauces are made by people who love flavour as much as fire, for people who love flavour as much as fire. 

Independent, multi award winning and brummie through and through, Pip's is a sauce that celebrates the vibe of Brum. Not just through banging flavours but from collaborating with other Brum Legends known for celebrating our unique city! 

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Meet our local makers

Navigating the Wilderness

Navigating the Wilderness is the creative practice of Cass Humphries-Massey, a Birmingham-born-and-bred artist, maker and thanatologist. Navigating the Wilderness draws on place, nature and cyclical seasons to reflect life and loss in the city, and to recognise and support the community of Brum.

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Meet our local makers

Marshall & Co

Marshall&Co chocolate is made in our small factory in south Birmingham – from bean to bar. Handcrafting the chocolate from a raw cacao bean through to a finished bar, Marshall & Co are  proud to be one of the very few UK producers who craft from bean to bar.  


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Meet our local makers

Folks Like These

Winston and Millie are the creators of Folk Like These. They are husband and wife artists/illustrators that have found sharing our love of making immensely rewarding. They are both trained teachers but in 2019, leapt out of the classroom and into our own business, bringing happiness and creativity with us. With a mission to give you the tools you need to be creative by sharing their own artwork with you to brighten and inspire your workspace, as well as designing and making the most wonderful studio-ware that is functional and beautiful - even on the most 'creatively organised' (messy) of desks!

Bringing the joy to mindful making, to help Folk Like These create everyday.

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Meet our local makers

Second City Yarns

Second City Yarns, created by Jo, was born from a passion for colour and a life-long obsession with crafting. Hand dyed in small batches right here in Birmingham, all the colourways take inspiration from the city's vibrant culture.

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Meet our local makers

Needlework on Thursday

Jen started cross-stitching and embroidering from photos during lockdown, and sent them as presents. She had an idea to cross-stitch some of her favourite places in Birmingham and it totally got out of hand!

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