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Aston Hall

Rising tall and proud in the city skyline, Aston Hall is a magnificent seventeenth century red-brick mansion.

Home to Britain’s finest Long Gallery, this iconic building tells stories of Kings & Queens, ghosts & ghouls. Aston Hall has hundreds of years of history to share, it survived cannon fire to become Birmingham’s very first public museum. When you visit we’re certain you will arrive intrigued and leave Astonished.

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Birmingham’s amazing science museum tells the stories of the city’s past, present and future. Discover the powerful machines that powered the industrial revolution, marvel at a giant sea monster or travel to the stars in our state of the art planetarium. Housed inside the impressive Millennium Point building, Thinktank is four floors of hands-on exhibits and historical collections that will amaze and inspire you.

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Blakesley Hall

Steeped in history, Blakesley Hall is one of Birmingham’s oldest buildings. Now, more than 400 years later, this beautiful Tudor house surrounded by beautiful gardens is still a haven; secluded from the suburban avenues that lie beyond its gates.Step inside the historic house and discover the painted chamber whose secrets were hidden for centuries, before WWII bomb damage revealed the original painted walls from 1590!

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Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

A perfectly preserved jewellery workshop located in Birmingham’s charming Jewellery Quarter. When the Smith & Pepper firm retired in 1981 they boxed up their last orders, hung up their overalls, locked their doors and didn’t look back.Now we invite you to enter the time capsule they left behind. Discover the history of the jewellery quarter and unearth the fascinating stories of those who worked there.

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Sarehole Mill

Nestled in the heart of Shire Country Park, Sarehole Mill is the 250 year old idyllic watermill that inspired world renowned author JRR Tolkien.

There has been a mill on this site since 1542 and it’s tranquil mill pond has been inspiring creatives ever since. Be transported back in time. Listen to the mill wheel turn, taste freshly baked bread from the Bakehouse and enjoy a moment of calm in this much loved urban oasis.

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Soho House

This elegant Georgian building was once home to industrialist Matthew Boulton. If the walls could talk they would tell the stories of the Lunar Society who met here, under the light of the full moon, to conduct experiments and exchange world changing ideas.Seek your own inspiration as you stand by the lunar table, knowing that the great minds of Darwin, Watt, Wedgwood and Priestly all stood in the very same room.

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Weoley Castle

Now a scheduled ancient monument of national importance, the ruins of Weoley Castle are over 750 years old.

When this fortified manor house was built it stood within a thousand acres of deer park and featured an imposing gatehouse and an impressive great hall.This is the biggest and best surviving example of a medieval moated manor house in Birmingham. Admire the ruins of a chapel, a stable range and even a large brewhouse and imagine what life would have been like for the Lords of Dudley.

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Museum Collection Centre

The hidden gem in the Birmingham Museums portfolio. A lesser known 1.5-hectare site that houses thousands of objects from the museum collection. From sculpture to skeletons and from motorbikes to magnificent dresses, our collection centre provides a safe home for objects when they aren’t on display. Keep an eye out for opportunities to visit this veritable treasure trove as it is bound to inspire, inform and enlighten.

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Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

For unique items inspired by our breathtaking collections at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, first opened in 1885, you're in the right place. Discover the perfect gifts for lovers of art, history, and culture, from the heart of this mighty city to your home.

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