Matthew Boulton: Selling What All The World Desires

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This book is a great read about Birmingham born Matthew Boulton, eighteenth-century designer, inventor and co-founder of the Lunar Society, a group of prominent industrialists, in the arts, sciences, and theology, encouraging social change.

From making ornaments, decorating aristocratic drawing rooms, to manufacturing the British coinage and coins of other countries at his mint, Boulton was the lead campaigner establishing the Birmingham Assay Office (still the busiest hallmarking centre in the country), he really did accomplish extraordinarily achievements.

The book surveys his life as a 'toy' maker producing buttons, buckles and silverware. He went into business with James Watt, exporting the Boulton & Watt steam engines all over the world.

Between 1766 to 1809, Soho House was Matthew Boultons home, an elegant Georgian house, it was a favourite meeting place, and near to Boulton’s factory.
The house has been beautifully restored and can be visited today.

The book contains 304 pages and measures 25.5 x 30 x 3 cm