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Welcome to the Birmingham Museums Online Shop. Every purchase you make enables us to support the work of Birmingham Museums Trust, dedicated to preserving our world-renowned collections and historic venues for future generations.

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Our Values

Trust in us: For every collection we curate or item we sell, every pound of profit goes straight back into supporting our cause.

Sustainable future: To celebrate the past, we must protect the planet’s future, which is why we’re on a journey to do more for the environment, from introducing eco-friendly packaging to offering local pick-up.

Inspiration for everyone: No matter their age, we give people new things to learn or be inspired by. So, whether it’s limited-edition items influenced by our world-renowned collections, fascinating reads, or science kits shaped by the world’s eminent thinkers, we’ll be the spark for minds of all generations.

Supporting local makers: Birmingham has been a place of invention for hundreds of years, and by supporting and collaborating with local makers, we’ll make sure its passion and creativity live on for hundreds more.

From the heart: We love Birmingham. We’re proud to be the keepers of its world-renowned past and collections, and every day we search for diverse, unique, quality items that you’ll want to bring into your home.

Preserving the past

The Birmingham Museums shop exists to support Birmingham Museums Trust, making sure our museums are here to educate, entertain, and inspire countless future generations... 

Explore our online shop and you’ll find a treasure trove of iconic and unique items to take home, each influenced by our world-renowned collections, prestigious artists, and this mighty city’s local makers.

Our passion for Birmingham’s fascinating history and artistic endeavours hasn’t wavered for over 100 years, and when you purchase something for yourself, you’ll understand why.

Power our purpose

At our core, we exist to support Birmingham Museums Trust, so every purchase from our shop goes right back into preserving Birmingham’s most magnificent museums.

Seeing a child’s eyes light up at the scientific marvels of Thinktank, giving people from all walks of life a place to experience a sense of wonder and community, and inspiring future generations of Birmingham’s creators, thinkers, and artists... That’s the difference your purchase makes.

So, go on, bring a piece of Birmingham home with you today, and change a few lives along the way. 

Meet the team

Emma Scott

Emma Scott

Retail Operations Manager

Emma is our Retail Operations Manager, she is passionate about working with our local makers and suppliers to get the very best products into your home. Her favourite product is the Swallow Studs made by the first Jeweller In Residence at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. She loves the creativity and inspiration taken from the museum.

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