Asymmetric Swallow/Leaf Motif Hoop Earrings

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These gorgeous asymmetric hoop earrings have been created by Birmingham Museums' first Jeweller In Residence, Fiona Harris. The earrings feature one with the flying swallow silhouette and the other featuring the leaf motifs, on textured hoops inspired by the branches in the original brooches.

Fiona won the competition to be the first Jeweller In Residence in October 2018. Since then she has been working on her designs, taking inspiration from the collection at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter and looking through the Smith & Pepper’s original sketchbooks, filled with design drawings. 

She quickly narrowed down her inspiration and focused on the iconic swallow. She really loved the intricate nature of the seed pearl brooches within one of the catalogues where the swallow features in numerous brooch designs, alongside floral and leaf motifs and intertwined branches.

The design challenge has been how she pay homage, taking inspiration but also overlaying her own style. Her design sketches led her to explore a curved necklace, inspired by a branch and some branch/twig textured hoop earrings.