Weoley Castle Guidebook

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This guide is a unique look at Weoley Castle, part of Birmingham Museums Trust, giving an essential guide, of one of the oldest buildings still visible in Birmingham. Weoley Castle is classified as a Grade II ancient Monument of national importance.

Weoley Castle’s extensive excavation revealed many finds that shows a high standard of living, including pig and deer bones, oyster and whelk shells, a wide variety of pottery, iron shears, a small axe, bronze netting needle, arrows, a padlock, painted glass and floor tiles, a bone chessman and a bronze jug, glassware from the East Mediterranean, fine tableware from France and Spain and many coins including a John penny 1210, Henry II halfpenny 1248, Scottish penny 1298, Edward III penny 1327-70, and many more.

Weoley Castle was called a castle because it had a moat, curtain wall, towers, battlements and arrow slits, as well as an imposing gatehouse and an impressive great hall.

The guide contains 26 pages and measures 26x21x0.3 cm.