Custom prints

Birmingham Museums is working with King and McGaw to bring high quality custom prints to your home.

The prints come in four standard sizes: small, medium. large and extra large. Exact dimensions of each print can be found on the print pages.

Our art prints use textured 300gsm watercolour paper to create a high quality feel to the prints. we use inject printing using light-fast water-based pigment inks. The art prints will have a white border around the actual image; the size of the border is determined by the proportions of the work.

Our canvases use Inkjet-receptive canvas 260gms. There is no border around these prints. The stretched canvases are hand-stretched over a concealed pine frame approximately 45mm deep; a 3mm board is added behind the canvas to maintain tautness.

The glazing for our framed prints is a 2mm cast acrylic for safety, optical clarity, UV protection and is recyclable. We use acid-free cotton core window mounts.

The frames are hand-made and hand-finished in a studio in Sussex. The black frame is hand-stained solid ash showing the grain of the wood. The white frame is a sold wood with a painted satin finish. The gold frame is solid wood with a painted gilt finish. The natural frames are sold oak with hand-applied finishing wax.