50 Finds From Warwickshire

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Warwickshire is a county in the south east of the West Midlands region. Archaeologically this region has been perceived in the past as a backwater, its prehistory, for example, once being described as an 'archaeological desert'. Warwickshire has had a long established relationship with metal detector users, being involved with the Portable Antiquities Scheme since 1997 and using this data combined with other formal archaeological methods, such as excavations, surveys, desk top studies, these traditional views of Warwickshire no longer apply.

Over 27,500 Warwickshire finds have been recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme, including worked stone from the Palaeolithic onwards, metalwork and pottery from the Bronze Age through to recent times. These give us a glimpse into aspects of everyday life, including the economy, fashions, migration, trade and home life; all evidence of long forgotten communities and ways of life.