50 Finds From Worcestershire

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The landscape of Worcestershire has been an attractive place for people to settle for thousands of years; the natural resources have been utilised such as the salt at Droitwich and the pure water springs of the Malvern Hills. The archaeology and artefacts discovered by the public in this region help us understand more about the people who interacted and shaped these landscapes.

The rich history of the county is reflected in the variety of objects recorded by The Portable Antiquities Scheme; from a Paleolithic handaxe dating to over 400,000 years old to a hoard of over 3,000 silver coins dating to the Roman period and discovered near an Iron Age Hillfort. Exchange and trade within the county is reflected by these Roman coins that were minted in mainland Europe to a single coin from the Worcester mint, which was active between the late nineth century to the late twelfth century. Many objects would have had personal significance to the owner such as a seal matrix used by a local Worcestershire family to a World War I medal that was sent back to the county to the owner s widow after his death in France.